That Planning Thing

In my April Short List post, I added a category called ”Design”. I added it because I have A LOT of ideas and techniques I want to try. More than what may fit in my lifetime, but I’ll give it my best for as long as I can.
I finally figured out that I need to take a month or so to work out how I want to get those ideas into form. My plans may not work out, but at least it gives me somewhere to start. Otherwise, I’m just wasting time in the sewing room hacking up fabric and making more scraps. I have friends that can cut fabric, sew it together, cut it up again, sew some more and come out with something wonderful. If only it worked that way for me.
I spent a lot of time this week looking at and for things in the sewing room with an eye toward future projects. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I added some of those things to the hoard. I pulled out one kit that had dozens of pieces the size of elbow macaroni. That kit went back in the drawer. Maybe someday I’ll have the patience for it, but not today.
After a lot of head shaking, I decided to figure out a way to use this scrap bag.
spring scrap bagIt will likely be a May project. I chose it because the colors are bright and spring-like. I know spring will come eventually and maybe my fabric choices will encourage it to make a long term appearance.
Yeah, I woke up to an inch of snow earlier this week. It looked like a Currier and Ives painting.
If you have any pattern suggestions, please leave a comment. There isn’t a lot of fabric here, but there should be enough for a table runner once I add background fabric.

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2 Responses to That Planning Thing

  1. Not a specific pattern, but I see a beach/seaside in those colors. Look forward to seeing what you make!

  2. Kate says:

    Those colors would make some fun flower blocks. Podunk Pretties has a couple of tutorials on her free pattern page for both flowers and butterflies that would be very pretty in those colors. Here’s the link to her page Have fun exploring the options.

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