Sunday Stash January 5, 2020

Welcome to the first Sunday Stash of 2020!
We would love to have you join us. You can report weekly, monthly, whenever your numbers change or you have time. Some count fabric out as used, others when the project is complete. You can do whatever fits you best.
The point is not to use all your stash or never buy fabric again. We do this to be more intentional in what we buy and in using what we have. I also track because I have limited storage space and too much stash causes a clutter problem in my small sewing room.
Whatever your reasons, you can join in at any time.
Nothing in or out this week. My 2019 numbers stayed as reported last week.
Fabric In: 0
Fabric Out: 0
It feels good to start over with a clean slate.
I’m sewing the rows together on the Guild Challenge top.
UGC ocean
I’ll finish that today and start assembling the bear blocks.
How did you do this week?

1 Chrisknits
2 Julie in GA
3 Meloney
4 maggie f
5 Marti
6 michele
7 Gail

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5 Responses to Sunday Stash January 5, 2020

  1. Laura Kate says:

    Guild challenge top looks good. I like the flow of value change in the various blue fabrics.

  2. melfunk says:

    Love your guild challenge. Those look like tiny blocks. 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  3. Marti says:

    It does feel good to start with a clean slate. I find it interesting that some people count when they finish a quilt and others count when they pull the amount from the stash. I am one of the latter. I’m afraid I couldn’t remember the count if I waited until the quilt was complete.

    I like your guild challenge quilt. Unless those are huge tiles in the background, those must be very small pinwheels. But they look perfect.

  4. chrisknits says:

    I am hoping my intake is smaller than my output this year! I sucked at it last year.

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