March 2023 Short List and OMG

When March rolls around I think of Spring. The days are longer and I want to spend time outside. The weather doesn’t always cooperate, but a girl can hope.

I finished both the pinwheel quilt and the table runner in February. It always feels good to add new projects to the list.

I started The Short List many years ago to create goals to work toward and a way to focus. I continually change the categories as my goals and interests change.

Project 1 (stitching): The Tiny Modernist Holiday 2022 SAL. The border stitched up faster than the solid motifs. It gives me hope I may finish this one day.

Project 2 (original): The Guild Challenge quilt. Some progress on this in the past month. I work on it at least a couple times a week.

Project 3 (UFO): The membership quilt. I have the rows sewn together and will start adding borders.

Project 4 (original): Another group project. Participants will make a small art quilt and bring it to the next meeting. We will pass our quilts to another member who will use it as inspiration for their own quilt. I’m in the early planning stages, but I believe there will be paint involved.

My OMG is Project 4, the undefined small art quilt that needs finished before the 28th. Check out Elm Street Quilts for all the other OMG links.

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2 Responses to March 2023 Short List and OMG

  1. Laura says:

    A good list. I look forward to seeing the art quilt! 🙂

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