The Slice Project

My Art Quilt Group decided to do one of those quilts where you take a photo and cut it into sections and each person makes a section. Then you put all the sections together to recreate the original photo. Clear as mud, right?
Here is my section and the complete photo. I have the top middle section.slice-quilt-picI may not start it until after Christmas. We have so many things going on in the next month, plus holiday events and prep. I find it hard to create when I can’t quiet my mind enough to hear myself think.
I do believe there will be paint involved, but I will not paint the entire section. I considered it. Somehow that felt too limiting, like too many possibilities would be ignored. This is a place to experiment.
A Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to all who celebrate it. Here in the US it’s a day to give thanks, but I find expressing gratitude daily helps me keep my life in perspective. That, and quilting of course.

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1 Response to The Slice Project

  1. Gayle says:

    I have done three of these and I love to how each person interprets their piece of the puzzle. Even when the first reaction is “WTH” were they thinking! Somehow when it’s all said and done tge differences seem to make the piece sing. Have fun!

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