Sunday Stash June 25, 2017

No fabric in or out this week. I don’t think I even turned on my sewing machine all week.

I spent yesterday afternoon at an organizational meeting for a small group that is an offshoot of The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild. The purpose of the group is to make quilts for the guild’s charity, Safehouse, which is a battered women’s shelter. The Guild itself is quite large, which makes it hard to get to know people. There has been a push this year to start more small groups because many of the ones in existence won’t take new members.

Our group started out with a box of stash that the Guild donated, and everyone took some home to start making blocks. This fabric isn’t going in my numbers because it isn’t mine. Whatever I don’t use will go back to the group.

I am particularly fond of the bunny fabric. I need to figure out a way to use it so I don’t have a bunch of headless bunny butts scattered across the quilt.

Fabric In: 24.875 yards

Fabric out: 15.25 yards

Net Fabric Added: 9.625 yards

How did you do this week?

1. Julie in GA
2. Shauna
3. Kate
4. Teresa Quilts
5. Quilting Gail
6. Susan in TN

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6 Responses to Sunday Stash June 25, 2017

  1. Shauna T says:

    Nice fabric, and I just laughed at your headless bunny butt comment, that is totally something I would say.

  2. Teresa says:

    A very worthy cause. I tried unsuccessfully to link with you, doing something wrong I guess

  3. Headless bunny butts would be my luck as well. LOL. Hope you get in more stitching time this week.

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  6. dezertsuz says:

    Some weeks are like that~but the not-really-in fabric looks great together, and I know you’ll make something wonderful out of it. So this smaller group is sort of a bee in the great hive of the larger guild? That’s what Smoky Mountain Quilters calls their Tuesday and Thursday groups – bees. In Arizona, there’s a state guild and different chapters all over the state. The California guilds I know around Los Angles limit their membership. I know one I belonged to had a list of 300 max. That causes other guilds to spring up, and there’s usually a place for everyone not too far from home. There are so many ways to do things!

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