Ideas Into Form #2

In the last post we left off with the idea of a table runner using these fabrics.
spring scrap bagI’ve had the idea to use motifs from Portraits From Nature by Jean Wells for a while now, but I knew I didn’t want to use the motifs in the way she did in the book.
I started by cutting a piece of drafting paper to the finished size of the quilt. Then I started tracing flower motifs onto golden threads paper. I traced the flowers separate from the stems and leaves to give myself more options. I taped the motifs to the drafting paper with painter’s tape because I could move them around easily. I also used motifs from The Applique Pattern Book Volume I by Barb Bolesta and Favorite Butterflies by Jan Sovak. A few hand draw images are also included.
runner pattern
The finished quilt may not look exactly like this, but this is my pattern for now.
I have not used this design method before. I really liked the ease of moving the flowers and leaves around and adding and subtracting motifs. I’ll decide after I finish the quilt if I want to design this way again.
The next step, choosing fabrics, is currently in process.

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2 Responses to Ideas Into Form #2

  1. Joyce A Crabtree says:

    I think it will be pretty!

  2. Kate says:

    Oooh, that is going to be very pretty!

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