June 2022 OMG and Short List

The months go by so fast, summer especially. It’s a bit harder to fit in creative time around all the outdoor activities.

I finished my goal last month of quilting Open Dialogue, and then finished the quilt a few days later.

Project One: I’ve stitched about half of My Sewing Treasures by Bobby G Designs. It’s still in the frame crooked.

Project Two: I haven’t worked on the band sampler. It’s patiently waiting its turn.

Project Three: I want to sew some clothes again. The next item will be a shirt, although I haven’t picked the pattern or fabric yet.

Project Four: I have nine blocks in progress for Punkin Patch.

My OMG will be to finish the Punkin Patch top. I seem to do better if I keep projects moving rather than let them sit.

Check out Elm Street Quilts for all the other OMG links.

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1 Response to June 2022 OMG and Short List

  1. Joyce says:

    They all look good Donna! I like the Sewing Treasures a lot.

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