July 2022 OMG and Short List

The new month came quickly, leaving me scrambling to figure out the next projects. So many choices, limited time.

I met my goal last month of finishing the Pumpkin Patch top, and then finished the quilt shortly after. The next project on the mindless list is a quick sew.

Project One: I’m still stitching My Sewing Treasures by Bobby G Designs.

Project Two: I haven’t worked on the band sampler. I’m debating if I stitch the rest of the bands or just the final colored band to balance it out.

Project Three: I’m sewing a simple shirt from green double gauze. Should be nice and cool for summer.

Project Four: I pulled out a UFO that I refer to as The Wall quilt. I have an idea of where I was headed with this but may go in a different direction.

There will be another mindless sewing project as yet undetermined. I’ll start that after I finish the shirt.

My OMG will be the shirt since it’s the only well defined sewing project on the list.

Go to Elm Street Quilts for all the other OMG links.

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2 Responses to July 2022 OMG and Short List

  1. Joyce says:

    I lke the color of your skirt, and your Sewing Treasure piece.

  2. Sandy Panagos says:

    The Wall Quilt UFO looks fun!

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